About Me

As Marketing Director at Joseph Family of Companies, I have helped the company grow in many ways. I have developed and administered an annual marketing budget, negotiated contracts with vendors to reduce ineffective spending, and managed social media marketing campaigns on multiple platforms to increase audience engagement and brand awareness.

I have also implemented B2B and B2C social media marketing strategies, developed marketing campaigns on digital and offline channels, and produced promotional videos to increase sales and engage the community.

I have also led 2 data migration projects and trained staff, created designs and merchandise for the company, and produced professional photographs to promote products and services. I have also written newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, and website copy to enhance brand awareness, and executed a successful marketing campaign for a fundraiser that resulted in raising $110,000.

Additionally, I have devised email marketing campaigns and created designs for rack cards, billboards, newspaper ads, and magazine ads to enhance brand awareness and increase sales. All of these efforts have contributed to the growth of the companies.

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